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Dr. Ismail Shaikh, M.D (SKIN) ; F.A.A.D ; E.B.D.V ; ABLS is a Board Certified Consultant Dermatologist practicing in Colaba, South Mumbai with 20 years of International experience.

He has worked abroad for 15 years, taking care of skin & aesthetic concerns of patients multiple nationalities.
He is a Master Trainer in Botox, Fillers & Non-surgical Thread lifts, and has trained more than 200 doctor's.

  • M.D (SKIN), Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore-2001
  • International Fellow America Academy of Dermatology, (FAAD).
  • Diplomate European Board of Dermatology and venereology (EBDV)
  • American Board of laser service surgery (ABLS)

  • Anti-Ageing Treatments
  • Injectables - Botox, Fillers & Thread lifts
  • Face Contouring
  • Nose - Reshaping
  • Lips - Augmentation
  • Laser Scar Impoverments
  • Renowned Qualification due to high standard learning.
  • International reputation throughout Congress, teaching sessions.
  • A human way of thinking and attention dedication to patient.

Our Services

Facial Skin Rejuvenation

Looking forever young is the need of the hours - for personal, Social Professional needs. We help you achieve your goals! New cosmetics techniques of procedures help reverse signs of skin ageing like sun-damage, dark-spots, wrinkles & sagging skin.

Micro Dermabration

Skin is continously ageing. Dead Skin collects over time causing wrinkles, open-pores & dullness.
Microdermabrasion using Diamond-lip & Fine Crystals to softly remove dead skin leading to instant glow & Smooth refreshed skin.

Acne & Acne Scarring

Acne is for "NOW" Acne Scar is for "LIFE", Dont let Acne lead to Acne Scar. We treat Acne & Acne Scar effectively in our office.

Dermal Fillers & Botox

Fillers & Botox combined together to erase wrinkles, fill hollows & Smoothers age-lines on face, lips, hands, nose.

Moles, Skin tags & Warts

Moles & Skintags are Skin-growths which are usually harmless but can turn "Cancerous". Get an expert to examine you!
Mole Removal treatments is available & Pain-free, as in clinic procedure.

Tattoos, Birthmark Removal

Tattoos are special ink injected into skin for multiple reasons. However, Studies show one in 7 adults who have tattoo regret getting one. Now, Laser Tattoo Removal is a safe & effective way to remove the tattoo.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are used to improve the look of dull skin, Give youthfull look, Discolouration, Age-Spots.

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinium Toxins Injections diminish lines and wrinkles associated with facial expressions.

Hair Loss

Beautiful, lush hair are sign of youth, vitality and grace. Losing hair can be a Nightmare!
Regain your lost hair using combination of effective procedures of technology.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical technique that moves hair for "DONOR" area to "Recepient" area. Minimally invasive procedure, performed under local amsthesia, with the patient being awake minimal pain, fast healing with the Advanced FUE technique which is a "No-Stich" technique.


Thread Lifts - The No Surgery Face Lifts
Thread lifts are a safer alternative for lifting and face contouring. Thread lifts like Silhoutte Lifts, Mint Threads, Aptos or Happy-Lifts are a convenient "Lunchtime" face lift alternative, that requires no general anesthesia or long recovery and gives immediate results that last upto 2 years.

Skin Lightning Treatment

Sunlight, pollution and stress can cause skin-darkening & tan over time.We offer safe effective and natural skin lightening treatment.

Clinic Images

Dr. Ismail Shaikh
Skin | Hair Transplantation | Laser | Cosmetology Clinic

International Experience

With Dr.Herve Raspaldo.
Facial surgeon,Geneva(Switzerland)

  • Training
  • Fillers-Advanced 3D-face contouring using Fillers .

  • Place
  • Al-Khobar . Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Date
  • June, 2014

    With Dr. Prof .Jules Marthan.
    Aesthetic Physician, Mesotherapist.(France)

  • Advanced Techniques
  • Fillers for -Cheeks ,Jaw-line shaping ,Hands rejuvenation, lips & non-surgical nose reshaping.

  • Place
  • Al-Khobar . Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Date
  • June, 2010

    With Dr.Kim Woo Ram Consultant Plastic Surgeon, South Korea.

  • Training
  • International workshop on advanced thread lift techniques.

  • Place
  • South Korea.

  • Date
  • July, 2018.

    Training For Doctors

    Dr. Ismail Shaikh, M.D (SKIN) ; F.A.A.D ; E.B.D.V ; ABLS has a 20 year’s of experience in advanced Aesthetic procedures and lasers.
    He is an Expert Master Trainer for Fillers and Thread lifts.He has conducted and trained more than 200 doctors in multiple hands-on workshop. Dr Shaikh now offers an exclusive training at his Aesthetics clinic-Aesthedem SKIN & LASER centre, Colaba, South Mumbai.

    Training Module

    One-Day Hands On Workshop Training on Injectables, fillers, Botulinum toxin & Thread lifts. Contact: + 91-7028080600 for details or send email on


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